T-Birds Shine in Exciting Videos

We hope you enjoy our new look website. We’re very excited to present for the first time four very exciting videos conceived and produced by Victor Castanon. These spectacular videos are a our way to introduce you to, and see, the T-Birds both in training and in action.

We’re very pleased to present them to you for the first time, and we would like to thank and acknowledge Victor and his company Viktorious Productions for their fine work. Victor’s very creative and fast paced approach to the T-Birds brand of roller derby marks a new beginning in the evolution of this unique sport.

We expect to see a lot more from Victor and his talented team as the Thunderbirds roll into the new future of roller derby. If others wish to take advantage of Victor’s special video style, he can be reached at…

Victor Castanon
Viktorious Productions

Many thanks Victor, we’re rolling now!