T-Birds Get Big Win In Big Game!!!

It was the inaugural game in the new era of T-Birds roller derby. The jamming was fast and the blocking was hard. A near sellout crowd went wild with enthusiasm when it came down to the final jam of the game as the T-Birds battled the All-Stars.  As time was running out, T-Birds Sami Christiansen scored, what turned out to be the final margin of victory, 3 points to secure their opening game victory 89 to 86 against a strong and unshakable All-Stars team lead by their captain Danielle Delia.

It was a night of many celebrations. Not only did the T-Birds celebrate a win in the first game of their first new season in ten years, but they also honored possibly the greatest  T-Bird ladies skater of all time, Gwen “Skinny Minnie” Miller. The new “Birds” honored Gwen with flowers and a New Look T-Birds Jersey of her own. Gwen was very grateful of the acknowledgement, but said, “this is the night of the NEW T-Birds. They’ve trained hard and look great, and I know they will carry the name of T-Birds to even greater success than we did in the past”.

Those words proved to be prophetic as the T-Birds hard training under the guidance of their new owner, Stephanie Garcia, proved to be the winning edge. It was the fast and skilled jamming of Captain Shannon Fuchs, Sami Christiansen, Suzanne Barton, and Iraq Veteran Olivia Jones that kept the T-birds ahead of the All-Stars the entire evening. And it was the standout tough and hard blocks of Rachel Gee, Sasha Mendrin, and Heidi Perez that kept the All-Stars at bay. In fact, it was the tireless efforts of the entire T-Birds team that brought forth the final victory against a bigger and relentless All-Stars team.

For the All-Stars, it was the hard blocking of Rebecca Rizzo, Susannah Swanson, and Charity Jackson, plus the quick jamming of Captain Danielle Delia and Lena Daugherty that kept the All-Stars on the heels of the T-Birds all night long. Both teams had the energy and desire when it all started, and by games end both teams spent every bit of both. However, in the end, it was the T-Birds who prevailed.

At the conclusion of the evening owner Garcia said, “It was a night to remember…just one of the many yet to come.”  Yes, a jammin’ good time was had by all!